COVID Vaccine Texts is now shut down.

Thankfully, our service is no longer needed, as appointments are widely available nationwide.

If you still need an appointment, we encourage you to checkout VaxxMax

What was this?

This was a site built by a few folks who were tired of clicking refresh on pharmacy websites trying to get a vaccine appointment. It won't make you eligible for a vaccine, sign you up for one, or make slots appear, but it will save you from clicking refresh a lot.

Simply enter your phone number and the locations that are close to you and our robots will text you when there's a slot available with a link to sign up.

Note that these slots fill up rather quickly, so act fast!

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Who built this?
Robots, who are wholly unaffiliated with any pharmacy. Also Ben. Also Edward. Also Lee.
Do you offer notifications by ___?
No, unless ___ is text or you want to build it for us.
How does it work?
Series of interconnected tubes and duct tape.
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Sure, email us:
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Sure, email someone else
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