What is this?

This is a site built by a few folks who were tired of clicking refresh on pharmacy websites trying to get a vaccine appointment. It won't make you eligible for a vaccine, sign you up for one, or make slots appear, but it will save you from clicking refresh a lot.

Simply enter your phone number and the locations that are close to you and our robots will text you when there's a slot available with a link to sign up.

Note that these slots fill up rather quickly, so act fast!

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Who built this?
Robots, who are wholly unaffiliated with any pharmacy. Also Ben. Also Edward. Also Lee.
Do you offer notifications by ___?
No, unless ___ is text or you want to build it for us.
How does it work?
Series of interconnected tubes and duct tape.
Can I help?
Sure, email us: cvscovidnotifier@gmail.com
Can I complain?
Sure, email someone else
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